Experience the Lahinja Lanscape Park, where the dry karst and water meet

There is a treasure hidden at the heart of Bela Krajina, one created by the junction of the arid karst landscape and a land in which water is far from scarce. The two opposites gave birth to a wealth of biodiversity and ethnological heritage.

Accompanied by a seasoned guide, you will get to experience the traditions and diversity of Lahinja Natural Park. You will visit a 250-year-old homestead and lend a hand in farm work like a true local.

Your tour will continue across dry karst meadows, past hidden, walled water sources, unique to Bela Krajina. A walkway will take you to the world of Nerajski Lugi, the home of a variety of flora and fauna. 

Taking a break in a bird observatory, you will enjoy the singing of numerous birds and get a chance to feel closer to the pristine nature of Bela Krajina. 

At the end of the tour, you will get to enjoy a true taste of culinary tradition in the form of a homemade Ajdova Potica, a delicious rolled pastry made of buckwheat.